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Let The Sipping Begin!

For my very first Port experience, I chose to compare two Dow Ports (Tawny and Ruby) for  various reasons:

  1. I love a bargain, and Dow offers each Port for less than $14.00
  2. I wasn’t sure I’d even like Port, because I’ve always been a Cabernet/Merlot consumer, not a big fan of sweet wines.
  3. Again, I’m cheap! Why would I invest real money in something I might not even cook with?
  4. Comparing Ruby to Tawny gave me a “baseline” with which to compare future Ports.

Prior to purchasing the two varietals, I was informed by the wine steward that Ruby Ports are aged in stainless steel barrels while their Tawny counterparts grow to maturity in oak; I’m already favoring the latter!

Comparing Dow’s Ruby and Tawny Ports was akin to recalling former lovers: One (the Ruby) was initially likeable but superficial, quick-to-finish, with no memorable features. The Tawny, however, was complex, with a welcoming aroma, a little rough (great tannins!), and full of tongue action with lingering warmth and a smooth finish! In short, I just didn’t want it to end. But it did.

Both Ports had mild aromas and thick, full-bodied legs. It was a good place to begin my Port adventure because the two were noticeably different in initial quality and overall tasting experience. Both had 19% alcohol by volume (ABV).

Bottom line:

Dow’s Ruby Port:           2.5 Nostrils (out of 5)

Dow’s Tawny Port:         3.5 Nostrils

Let the Sipping Begin!

Until next time, I am your doc in Port!

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I am retired from the U.S. Air Force with two teen daughters. In my non-sipping life, I'm a chronic pain specialist (having been married several years) and a cancer survivor. Bottom line? If anyone deserves to drink fine wine, it's me!


  1. Cheri says

    I am not a Port lover, I lean more toward the lighter wines, but I am willing to start this adventure with you. You are never too old to learn.

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  2. Vicie says

    Are you suggesting that it’s like former lovers because I am still with my former for over 43 years. Does that mean that the older ports get, the better they are?


    • I would say you’ve got a “Port” worth cherishing! I’m not sure if Port improves with age, like other wines; it’s supposed to, but if you join me in this adventure, we’ll learn together! Welcome aboard!


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