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Terra D’Oro

I feel cheated!

Until just a few minutes ago, I was going to brag about what a superb deal I got on this week’s featured Port, Terra D’Oro. My daughter and I were vacationing at the Morrison Lodge in Merlin, Oregon. I ordered a Port during dinner.  The waiter informed me that their one and only Port was not available by the glass (rats!), but he would gladly check on the price for a bottle (375 ml, a “baby” bottle) of Terra D’Oro Zinfandel Port. I overheard the waiter speaking to the manager:

“How much is the bottle?”

“I’m not sure, retail, but we paid $37 for the bottle.”

Long story short, I bought the baby bottle for $27, feeling pretty smug about the whole transaction. I was thinking if they actually paid $37, wholesale, then I scored a $74 bottle of vino (yes, “vino” – – it’s no longer just “wine” at these prices!) for only $27. So far, so good.

Enter “Google.” Doing a little background research prior to publishing this week’s blog, I discover two facts: Not only can I purchase Terra D’Oro for less than $20, retail, but that price is for a 750 ml bottle! I am sorry to report this wine (no longer a vino) lost one half nostril not on quality, but on principle! On the bright side, I do anticipate purchasing a case, due to its quality and price.

Back to Morrison Lodge. This was my first wine buying experience where a waiter actually poured me a “sipping sample” to judge whether the wine was adequate for my consumption. I was hoping it was, because I had just forked out a ton of money for the entire bottle (Note my perception change with new found information)!

Terra D’Oro (19% ABV) is a lovely wine with full, gorgeous legs, the consistency of cough syrup. Its initial impression was heavenly with a deep aroma tinged with fruit (raisins?), nutty and a little musty but very welcoming. Flavors reminded me of a great Cabernet, with smooth texture giving way to wonderful tannins. I’m not adept at describing individual components of flavor yet, so please bear with me as I gain some experience and expertise. I do, however, know enough to say, “I loved it!”  It was a challenging task in self-control to make the bottle last two nights.

Finally, according to the good folks at Terra D’Oro winery: “This delicious, fortified wine is perfect on its own or as an accompaniment to chocolate, chocolate, chocolate…” Oh how I love Port!

Bottom line:

Terra D’Oro:          3.5 Nostrils


Until next time, I am your doc in Port!

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I am retired from the U.S. Air Force with two teen daughters. In my non-sipping life, I'm a chronic pain specialist (having been married several years) and a cancer survivor. Bottom line? If anyone deserves to drink fine wine, it's me!


    • Actually, Port is different from other wines in the “legs” category. Slow legs, which seem to hang in suspension before sliding down from the rim, are signs of a full- bodied, complex, usually very aged–and very good– wine. This was evident, for me, when I performed a Ruby vs Tawny comparison. The Tawny’s legs were thicker and much slower moving than the Ruby legs and, without question, the Tawny was a much higher quality Port.


    • Thank you for your kind comment. I’d love to collect Vintage Ports, as well, but I keep drinking them (gotta do my homework, right?). I hope you’ll visit often, and sign up for automatic weekly updates! D.I.P.


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