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Warre’s Warrior Porto


This “Finest Reserve” founded in 1670, in Portugal, is the “oldest brand of Port from the oldest British Port company.”  The winery is owned by the prolific Symington family, who have produced fine quality Ports since the 1800’s.  The Symingtons describe their Porto as “rich, full-bodied, and matured in our cellars to a mellow balance of wild red-fruit flavors, supported by spicy and elegant tannins.”

Warre’s Warrior Porto has an aroma which is evident and fresh with fruit and deep oak; it is full-flavored with light tannins and a smooth, quick finish. I immediately needed another sip as there was little lingering affect. Legs seem to hang in suspension forming a hill around the rim of my glass. Unlike previous Ports, Warrior sported no mini-legs, fat legs, stick legs, etc. Just rounded itself into a hill formation, as if staking out its territory.

The Warrior initially tasted sweet, with mildly textured tannins; there is nothing remarkable or novel to report. However, its high (20%) ABV and “friendly” manner can make a disagreeing duo – – sip slowly and mind your consumption; it’ll sneak up on you! At only $16.79 for a 750 ml bottle, Warre’s Warrior is a real bargain and a real treat.

Bottom Line:

Warre’s Warrior Porto          3.0 Nostrils

Until next time, I am your doc in Port!

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I am retired from the U.S. Air Force with two teen daughters. In my non-sipping life, I'm a chronic pain specialist (having been married several years) and a cancer survivor. Bottom line? If anyone deserves to drink fine wine, it's me!

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