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Fonseca Bin 27 Finest Reserve

bin27Bin 27 comes in a lovely gift box , and what a gift it is!

Founded in 1815 by Manuel Pedro Guimaraens, who kept (reserved) a special Port in bin 27 in his family cellar, this wine is a true Port, designated by the “Porto” in its name. Five generations later, Bin 27 boasts legs so thick, they appear reluctant to form; indeed they defy gravity several seconds before giving way. Tannins spread across the tongue and mouth, really luscious tannins, reminiscent of some Cabs I’ve hailed in previous years.

Bin 27 is a “bipolar” treat; its mild, nearly flat aroma vascillates neutrally between must and oak, then “Pow!” Flavor assails the tongue and mouth with vibrant fruits and gritty tannins! Bin 27 behaves like a sneaker wave, i.e. after the shock and crash of impact, it rolls gently away…no lingering warmth or residual flavors. With an ABV of 20%, be mindful of its potential to sneak up on you. Also, it is priced at $18.59 (SRP is $21.59) for a 750 ml bottle…very reasonable.

Bin 27 was a favorite of my Fred Meyer wine steward, as well as the Port on deck for my dad’s cruise around the San Juan Islands; it will likely be a favorite of yours as well.

Bottom Line:

Fonseca Porter Bin 27:          4.5 Nostrils

Until next time, I am your doc in Port!


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I am retired from the U.S. Air Force with two teen daughters. In my non-sipping life, I'm a chronic pain specialist (having been married several years) and a cancer survivor. Bottom line? If anyone deserves to drink fine wine, it's me!

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