Month: December 2015

Whiskers Blake

Whiskers Blake Classic Tawny is a yummy dessert wine from Australia. It’s named after, you guessed it, Whiskers Blake, whose job it was to scare starlings from the grape crops, using a shotgun, circa 1900. Mr. Blake was also well known for “borrowing a bottle or two” of the vineyards’ Tawny Port, “for testing purposes.” With an 18% ABV, this 8-year aged Port is the color of coffee, bottled with a screw top, no cork. The aroma is faintly reminiscent of raisins; taste is also similar to raisins with a hint of maple. It’s very friendly and smooth. Whiskers Blake remains smooth as it spreads across the tongue; there is no notable tannin, but the warmth is wonderful. Legs form quickly and are slender, as if predicting the light, velvety texture and taste. Whiskers Blake never refers to itself as a Port. Instead, they self-identify as a dessert wine. With an MSRP of $16.29 (I paid only $14.79) for a 750 ml bottle, this Classic Tawny is a good wine for a good price. Bottom …

Dow’s Fine White Porto

For less than $16 per 750 ml bottle, Dow’s White Port is a steal! With caramel coloring and thinner legs than its Ruby and Tawny siblings, this White Port is very light and fruity; aroma and tannins are nearly absent. Dow’s White Port is closer, in experience, to Ruby – – simple, friendly, and likeable. “Neutral” comes to mind as a descriptor. Dow’s White Port would likely accompany any appetizer, entrée, or dessert without fuss. Not all Ports can boast such versatility! In terms relative to Dow’s Ruby and Tawny Ports, their White Port is a “kissing cousin,” i.e. nice to have around because it’s so comfortable, with no surprises or lingering familial drama. As an everyday Port with a 19% ABV, Dow’s White Port is very drinkable. Bottom Line: Dow’s White Port:                3.5 Nostrils Until next time, I am your doc in Port!