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Sandeman Founders Reserve Porto

SandemanbottleThis fine Port was established in 1790 by founder George Sandeman, from the Duoro Valley in Portugal. It was less than $20 (MSRP is $22.79) at my local Fred Meyer, for a 750ml bottle.

Its deep, dark crimson red and rich, luscious legs made me anticipate a true Port experience. Sandeman delivered! According to web information, this Port is selected from the finest “lots” of each vintage, then aged five years. The label recommends pairing Sandeman with cheese or rich chocolates; this was advice worth a .5 increase in overall rating!

The aroma was fruity and complex, and the entire tasting journey was absolutely smooth, start to finish. Just a hint of tannin (I wanted it to be drier) preceded satisfying warmth of a true Port. Sandeman finishes quickly, but was well worth the price. It  is a great choice as an everyday wine. With an ABV of 20%, pay attention to quantity, because the quality is difficult to put down!

Bottom Line:

Sandeman Founders Reserve Porto                                        4.0 Nostrils

Until next time, I am your doc in Port!


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